10 Things You Need to Know About Top Chef Seattle Episode 8

Bart Vandaele had the great misfortune of being paired with Josie in this week’s Elimination Challenge.

Does anyone else have a bit of a holiday hangover? Too much punch? Too many cookies? Well, I’m sad to report that last night’s episode of Top Chef Seattle won’t do much to settle your stomach, thanks to the awful antics of season 2 leftover Josie.

1. It’s pretty clear that everyone is hoping that The Josie Show is cancelled very soon.

2. In the restaurant business, if you call someone an —hole, it is forgotten the next day. Except when it isn’t.

3. Oysters don’t grow in Hawaii.

4. John Tesar grew up the son of a bayman on Long Island’s east end.

5. I cannot shuck oysters to save my life.

Thanks to Josie, John Tesar is in no way the most hated cheftestant on Top Chef.

6. Drago’s oysters are garlicky-buttery-cheesey awesomeness. I could probably consume 50 of them in one sitting.

7. Josie claims she’s been an athlete her whole life, which seems implausible.

8. Josie’s remarks to Micah about his sexuality were terrible and inexcusable.

9. I’m no Buddhist, but I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to say “Namaste, b-tches.”

10. When you’re at judges’ table, it is best to discuss your food and your food alone, Sheldon. Do not take any lessons from CJ. Ever.


  1. Kris Nelson says

    I agree with you completely! I am a massive fan of (most) things Bravo and truly LOVE Top Chef. All Star season was great for me as I love seeing some of the old contestants that you grow a fan of so don’t mind when they bring past contestants back. However – I have never detested anyone as much as I do Josie on this season. I don’t remember disliking her on her season and truly felt bad for in subsequent years when I heard of the violence against her. That is never ok. But I am done listening to her loud mouth and disgusting comments this season. She was obnoxious as the derby game and was a hypocrite/nasty person back at the loft. I guess I just rewatched the episode moments ago as I read your blog so extra wound up on my disgust with her! Happy New Year~

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