10 Things You Need to Know about Top Chef Seattle Episode 6

To wife Anna Faris’s great chagrin, Chris Pratt requests a second serving of squirrel heart.

We’re about midway through this season of Top Chefand everything that the producers are doing to keep the show fresh is sort of showing, which probably wasn’t their initial intent. I will say that most of the food served at the very-staged welcome home soiree for actors Anna Faris and Chris Pratt made me come thisclose to breaking my cleanse. Brooke’s lamb-stuffed octopus and Tesar’s seafood chowder literally had my mouth watering. If only I could same the same for the rest of the ep. Now, on to the most pertinent points…

1. No offense to Marilyn Hagerty, but her turn as a guest judge really felt like stunt casting. It was painful to watch and unfair to the cheftestants.

2. Divine Swine’s name is bordering on the ironic, thanks to Josh’s failed forays with pork.

“Think, Josh, think. Divine…Dandelion? I mean, that could work.”

3. It is ebelskivers, NOT apple skivers.

4. If, as a society, we are moving toward whole, natural foods, why would Top Chef feature a processed baking blend? Boo.

5. Top Chef Healthy Choice Entrees are a real thing. Which brings to mind this scene from Spaceballs.

6. Bart Vandaele is getting lost in this competition, thanks to the editing. When will they highlight one of DC’s most talented chefs? His roasted elk got beaucoup kudos — and that’s the last we heard of it or Bart this episode. Boo.

7. Anna Faris is at her most funny in Just Friends, in case you were wondering.

Tom channels Pete Rozelle and tells Josie she must remove her headband unless it has the Top Chef logo on it.

8. Chris Pratt and his brother-in-law once ate the still-beating heart of a squirrel. This does not endear either of them to me.

9. While he will eat freshly harvested varmint organs, he will not abide hummus. This also does not endear him to me.

10. Josh may have once again come close to flaming out, but the flame of his bromance with Stefan continues to shine bright.

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