What Restaurants Get Right; Mislabeled Fish; Perks of Dining Alone; Reservations About Mobile Phones; Top Chef Spoilers; What to Eat During a Zombie Attack

If you give a zombie a cookie, he's going to ask for a glass of milk. When you give him the milk, he'll probably ask to drink your blood instead. So, to be safe, don't offer zombies any food or drink, no matter how cute they are.

Dining and restaurant news…

* From the ‘Good News’ files. Here are 10 things that restaurants do right. [NorthJersey.com]

* Butter or Parkay? A law in Dairyland prevents restaurants from serving margarine instead of butter. For the record, I’m pretty sure butter is better. [Star Tribune]

* You say escolar, I say albacore. The fish you’re eating may not be the fish you ordered. [Boston.com]

* Don’t mess with Top Chef Texas. Leave it to the folks at Buddy TV, who have rounded up some spoilers. [BuddyTV.com]

* In case of zombie attack. Chefs share pantry preparation tips and menu ideas for when if the dead rise. [Culture Map Houston]

* You make the call. Should restaurants ban cell phones? [Orange County Register]

* Spinning for your supper. Salt Lake City restaurants are hiring DJs to mix mad beats while you eat. [Salt Lake Tribune]

* Sooner or later, we all eat alone. Here’s some thoughts on solo dining. [Business World Online]

* If everyone thought like The Smiths, factory farming would end. On account of shame! [The Atlantic]

* Do looks matter? A writer wonders how much a restaurant’s design influences your enjoyment of a meal. [The Guardian]

* Say cheese! Fromage becomes a mainstay on menus. [JS Online]

* Been there, done that. The pay-what-you-want restaurants that are popping up aren’t as new as you might think. [Consumerist]

* Best of the Big Easy. These are the top 10 restaurants in New Orleans. [NOLA.com]


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