Top 50 Late Night Dining Restaurants: The 2011 Diners’ Choice Award Winners!

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Phillies is open late, but the scene is a big snore, unlike what you'll find at any of this year's winning late-night restaurants!

OpenTable is pleased to announce the winners of the 2011 Diners’ Choice Awards for the top 50 restaurants for late night dining.  Derived from more than 10 million reviews submitted by OpenTable diners for more than 12,000 restaurants in all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the list of honorees includes The Gorbals, Ivan Kane’s Cafe Was, and nopa, among others.

New York City solidified its reputation as the city that never sleeps with four spots on the list, but it shares top honors with Atlanta and Orlando, which both tied with the Big Apple. Minneapolis, Los Angeles and San Francisco are represented on the list by three restaurants each, followed by two winners in Chicago, Nashville and St. Louis. Other cities with winning restaurants include Boston, Cleveland, Las Vegas, Oakland, Philadelphia and Raleigh, among others.

Congratulations to all the winners, and tune in later today for coverage of some of the most popular late-night dishes from select winning restaurants.




  1. Mark says

    I would recommend trying out Villa Farotto in the Chesterfield Valley. The best pizza you will find in the area (yes, even better than Imos) as well as some really amazing toasted ravioli. If you haven’t tried them out, please do so!

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