Thomas Keller’s Last Meal; More Restaurant Menus Go Gluten Free; Flash Photography, Diaper-Changing Ruining Meals; Sifton’s Best Reviews

She portrayed the Queen of the Nile, but Elizabeth Taylor did not eat a Mediterranean diet.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Hold the gluten. More restaurants are offering menu items that are safe for celiac disease sufferers to eat. [Winston-Salem Journal]

* The game is chicken. Thomas Keller (The French Laundry) on unacceptable behavior and what his last meal would be. []

* Flashers ruining meals. If you must photograph your food, leave your flash off. Thank you. [The New York Times]

* This doo is a don’t. If you dine out with your child, please remember that the table is not a changing station. Again, thank you. [Sun Times]

* Pump up the volume. Why restaurant music is often too loud or too lame. [Austin 360]

* Speaking of music. Even if it isn’t always music to your ears, per se, it’s music and restaurants have to pay for it. [InsideScoop SF]

* Dining with the Star Trekkers. Where Captain Picard would dine aboard the Enterprise. [Geek of the Day]

* The Liz Taylor diet. You may not lose any weight, but you’ll probably enjoy yourself immensely noshing on the notorious man eater’s menu. [Village Voice]

* Shout to the top. How some of Houston’s top chefs and restaurateurs got their start. [Houston Culture Map]

* Dish on your dish. A new start-up in Boston invites you to rate every dish you eat. []

* This woman’s work. Being a female pastry chef can be truly perilous. [Feministing]

* ‘Your name here’ and Wollensky’s. The midtown Manhattan location of Smith & Wollensky will be renamed after a different diner for 29 days during October. [The New York Times]

* Nifty Sifty. In honor of The New York Times restaurant reviewer Sam Sifton’s departure, the folks over at the Huff Post round up 10 gems. [Huff Post Food]

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