The Future of Foodservice; How to Meet the POTUS; Seafood DNA Tagged at Your Table; White Truffles Shuffle Menus; Mean-Spirited Reviews Make Chefs Sad

"For the record, only Padma can tell me to pack my knives and go, Alex!"

Dining and restaurant news…

* Do you want to know the future of foodservice in the U.S. through the next three years? I do, but it’ll cost $3,200 to find out. Instead, I’ll just assume it involves bacon, heirloom vegetables, ice cream, mixology, and offal, just like it has for the last three years. [Sacramento Bee]

* How to meet the President of the United States. Marry a famous chef and join the kitchen staff for a night when he hosts a fundraiser at his restaurant. [The National Post]

* From the not-at-all-99% files. Chefs are drooling over super-spendy white truffles. []

* When words hurt like fists. Online reviews cut deep when it comes to chefs’ egos and hearts. [Hartford Courant]

* Scanning your seafood. DNA bar codes are coming to a restaurant near you, to ensure that the fish you ordered is the fish you’re actually eating. [PopSci]

* Movies and food for the foodie in your life. Five chefs share their fave films and noshes. [Burlington Free Press]

* Dining out makes you smarter. At least it does if you’re talking about improving your knowledge about dining out itself. [CHOW]

* ‘Foodie’ is out. Recreational eater is in. Discuss. []

* Please stop telling Tom Colicchio to pack his knives and go. That is all. [Parade]

* The best of the best. Ever wonder how the S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants are chosen? Me, too! [HuffPost Travel]

* What do you do when you’re on the receiving end of terrible service? One man (not my husband, but it could be) cowers, while his wife gets into a rhubarb with a restaurant manager. [The Guardian]

* Does size matter? When it comes to restaurant signs, it just might. It does in other cases, particularly when it comes to the size of my martini. [City of Fate]

* Mon dieu! Japan bests France when it comes to three-starred Michelin restaurants. [Wall Street Journal]






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