The End of Farm-to-Table; Moms to Take Back Grilled Cheese from Restaurants; A Day in the Busy Life of Danny Meyer; Babies Are Diners, Too; Hef Planks at Dinner

Ari Gold reacts to being told the restaurant has run out of the night's specials.

Dining and food news you need to know…

* And you don’t stop. At least not if you’re restaurateur Danny Meyer. Be warned: Just reading about everything he does will make you feel tired. And also, wildly under-accomplished. [The New York Times]

* Awww, shucks. Friday is National Oyster Day. [The Street]

* Invasion of the grilled cheese snatchers. Restaurants have wrested an American classic from moms’ hands — and Josh Ozersky thinks it’s time they took it back. [TIME]

* This is how the farm-to-table movement ends. Not with a bang, but with a snicker. [Macleans]

* What vintage is that apple juice? Baby food finds its way onto restaurant menus. [WSJ]

* The Doubles. Unlike Dostoevsky’s The Double, though, these chef lookalikes are equally successful. [Eater NY]

* Meet Ari Gold’s newest nemesis. Bobby Flay — or at least his name — gets a close up on Entourage. [GrubStreet LA]

* Speaking of close-ups. Here are six actual celeb chef cameos that are, interestingly, a lot more boring than Flay’s faux cameo. Go figure. [Forbes]

* Can a restaurant owner drink at his own bar? Heck, yes! Isn’t that the whole point of owning a restaurant? Okay, maybe that’s just one of them. But, still. [The New York Times]

* Why Jacques Pepin rules. He’s all about the technique, not his own ego. [Mercury News]

* Single diners in Singapore need OpenTable. Who wants to use tissue packets to save a seat? [AsiaOne]

* Isn’t the year more than half over? Or is that just the summer? Anyway, here are the top five dining trends for 2011. [Luxury Travel Magazine]

* Hungry for even more food trends? I’m so not, but if you are, here’s another 50 or so. [The Pulse]

* Do you put ketchup on your hot dog? That’s gross. Ha! Kidding. My husband does that. Really, though, it is gross, as Mike Royko once noted. [Chicago Tribune]

* How restaurant critics stay slim. After dining at spendy restaurants every day, they detox at spendy spas. Critics! They’re just like us. Except not at all. [Miami Herald]

* Speaking of critic-al mass… Restaurant critics ponder pounds and put-ons when dining out for a living. [Eatocracy]

* Ukranian pork fat is the new sushi. But probably only in the Ukraine. [AFP]

* From the “Never Gets Old” files: Yet another look at The French Laundry and the great Chef Keller. [Haute Living]

* Mo’ social networks, mo’ problems? Will restaurateurs embrace Google +? [QSR Web]

* Got milk? Restaurateurs in Nashville are welcoming nursing moms as part of a new campaign. There are signs and everything! [News Channel 5]

* And, now, for your moment of zen. Hef planking on a dining table. [Mail Online]

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