The Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties: Which Restaurant Would You Pick?

With thousands of restaurants to choose from, where would you host The Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties?

Do you want to win a dinner party for you and nine friends — plus a limo ride to ensure you all arrive in style? Of course, you do! I mean, who wouldn’t! So, be sure you enter the OpenTable + UrbanDaddy “The Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties” giveaway. You’ll score a $3,000 dinner party — and a night to remember!

But, wait! There’s more! That’s right, dear diners. We want to know what restaurant you’d pick to host your dinner party, if you were the lucky winner! Tell us here in our comments, over on Facebook, or on Twitter to be eligible to win free Dining Rewards Points! We’ll be giving away 100 points each day to five different diners through Friday! If you tweet where you’d eat, use the hashtag #dinnerparty so we’re sure to see it!

So, tell us — which restaurant would you pick for The Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties?



  1. Matt Marek says

    My dinner party would definitely be at Erte/Peacock Lounge in Northeast Minneapolis or at Barrio in Downtown Minny (My first booking through OpenTable)! #buttkisseralert

  2. paul says

    I tried to register for this but the site does not seem to be working. It just sits there saying “Processing”. Anyone else seen this?

  3. Jennifer says

    I would choose Amada in Philadelphia hands down!! Jose Garces is the new philly STARR and his creative tapas at this old city location will blow you away. From the quail stuffed with sausage to the crab claws to the unexplicably wonderful “Fried Cream” dessert there is nothing not clever and tasty on the menu. My friends would make me queen for the day for feeding them at this wonderful restaurant!

  4. Ihuoma Bailey says

    I would take my family to either Chima or Morton’s in Charlotte, NC or Ruth’s Chris in Savannah, GA.

  5. Justin S. says

    Without a doubt, any of Marc Vetri’s restaurants in Philadelphia. I recently had the opportunity to try some of his food at a local industry event, but don’t quite have the money to be able to splurge at any of his places. If money weren’t an option, I would get a private room at his most exclusive restaurant, wine and dine all of my friends, and leave a hefty tip. Also, getting the opportunity to meet Chef Vetri would be a nice bonus.

  6. says

    Barbara Lynch’s newest restaurant, Menton, in Boston is an extravagance that I would love to experience with a small group of good friends.

  7. Chris says

    No brainer: If celebrating in Las Vegas, Bouchon at The Venetian. If home in Minneapolis, Restaurant Alma.

  8. John says

    I had a lot of problems with this site too. Never could get it to register. Thought the e-mail message I got was a hoax because I put in the information and the ‘enter” button would float, as soon as I went to click on it it disappered. Very disappointing performance from what has been to now a very reliable site. If i ever get to register the party would be at Marsh Browns in New Hope, PA.

  9. Pam says

    Paul, me too. I can’t enter. I have tried numerous ties, using three different browsers. Never gets past “processing” very frustrating!

  10. Susan McPherson says

    Ebbitt Room in Cape May, NJ. The food is the best I have ever had. The ambiance is perfect. Located just a half a block from the ocean. You can even reserve a table outdoors.

  11. says

    It would be nice if this was legit..can’t enter contest, because the site doesn’t move past “processing”.

  12. says

    Thanks for the interest in The Dinner Party to End All Dinner Parties. @UrbanDaddy is experiencing server issues. Stay tuned for an update.

    Thank you for your patience,

    Caroline Potter
    Chief Dining Officer

  13. Julie McMahon says

    For me, it would depend on the timing. If I was traveling to Florida, there is no question that I would want to dine with friends at SEASONS 52 (one of the best restaurants on the planet IMHO). If I was traveling to New Orleans, there are too many to choose from. In Memphis, it would be one of the downtown steakhouses or the Melting Pot. There are no Open Table restaurants in my city, and I have several trips planned later this summer and early fall that would be perfect for this type of contest. My trip in Florida later in October will have me visiting Jacksonville, Gainesville, Orlando, Jupiter and Boca Raton to visit friends that I haven’t seen in three years (since moving from Gainesville).

  14. Nancy says

    If I won the contest the place I would love to share with family and friends is The Goodstone Inn in Middleburg, Va.
    Chef Wm Walden would make a truly outstanding meal.

  15. kelle shugrue says

    Craigie on Main in Cambridge. Had the most amazing chef’s tasting menu on my birthday. Can’t wait to do it again.

  16. John says

    So many great choices- maybe the Fountain Room at the Four Seasons Philadelphia or The Green Room/Hotel Dupont in Delaware.

  17. Jeanie Harber says

    Artisan in Paso Robles, CA. Exquisite food, intimate setting, fine service, interesting menu – all beautifully presented while retaining a casual ambience.

  18. Geraldine Haniff says

    I would love to have family and friends dine at the 360 Restaurant at the top of the CN Tower, Toronto, or at the Toula Restaurant in downtown Toronto – what an incredibly special time together we would have not to mention the delicious food and absolutely priceless view!!

  19. JD says

    I would choose Le Bec Fin in Philly. The trick to entering is, upon entering your zip code, do NOT tab or even breath. Keep the cursor in the zip box. Click the Enter button and the screen will scroll down. You can then either enter your guests email addresses or skip this. You will then be entered into the contest.

  20. LJ Livingston says

    Hands down, no questions asked: Fleur de Lys, San Francisco! It would be my dream to celebrate with friends at this amazing place. I’ve been to Fleur de Lys in Vegas and SF is my dream destination. I love FRENCH food because it’s all about the sauce, the details, and comfort. If I had to pick a San Diego restaurant, it would be the Blue Point for sure. I love seafood and I LOVE their emphasis on fresh and SERVICE. Oh what a night ……. but honestly, the best ingredient to good times is friendship, so if I could dine with my love and 8 friends …. even Pizza rocks! Right because it’s about spending time with the people we LOVE.

  21. Linda says

    I would go to Firefly on Paradise in Las Vegas. That place is AWESOME!! Everyone gets what they want of a lot of different things! The drinks are fabulous and the service is terrific! Great night out!

  22. Sara Fee Wappler says

    The 360 Restaurant
    Is the one I would choose
    For its “delicious” dining
    And “breathtaking” views!

    Atop the CN Tower
    We’ll wine and we’ll dine
    While “laughter” resounds
    As we catch up on old times

    And gazing out the windows
    In “awe” we will be
    At each “amazing” view
    That’s before us to see

    For the “360” revolves
    From Toronto’s vibrant city
    To reveal Lake Ontario’s
    Beauty and tranquility!

    Yes my family and friends
    Who are so “special” to me
    Would treasure “forever”
    This truly incredible “memory”!!

  23. Diana S says

    We’d have to invite less friends and fly out to Calif.: The French Laundry! If we stayed in town, the limo could carry us out to Vermillion to Chez Francois.

  24. Anne says

    My vote is the Cape May Washington Inn. Was this contest extended? I thought it was over on 21st.

  25. Mark says

    Just received (6/27) an email from Open Table advertising this “Dinner Party to end all Dinner Parties” and on the email it says the event ended on the 6/21 ?!? Thanks… woo hoo!

  26. Jessica says

    La Colonial, Benu or Gary Danko in SF. This would be an unforgettable dinner party!!!

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