Take Our Quick OpenTable Valentine’s Day Survey: Your Opinion Counts!

Valentine’s Day is to dining out what New Year’s Eve is to drinking — Champagne, or anything else for that matter. As you may imagine, then, it’s been on our minds for quite some time. Even if it’s not yet on yours or you haven’t already made your reservations, we’d love your opinion on a few fun topics, including which celebrity you’d most like to dine with (if your s.o. weren’t available that evening, naturally).

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  1. Jamie Mesta says

    SO is not available this year, we will be in seperate countries 🙁 therefore I would like to have dinner with
    Robert Redford. I’ve had a crush on him for @35 years. Can OpenTable help me with this 🙂

    If I could be with my husband we would go out for a nice big lobster dinner at Mahi Mah’s in Virginia Beach on the Boardwalk. Then a nice beach walk afterwards.

  2. Jennifer Tucker says

    I always make sure to celebrate Valentine’s Day a couple of days before, when the restaurants are not as crowded, as well on the actual day itself.

    I LOVE Sassi in North Scottsdale. The cuisine is superb Italian, (the buffalo mozzarella is imported and tastes like a delicious, fluffy cloud.) The wine list is fantastic, the cocktails are perfectly poured, I adore the Limoncello martini. The atmosphere is a rustic Italian home…times 100. It’s comfy, yet enormous-with several different dining spaces. If you’re lucky and plan ahead, you can sit on the patio and watch one of the many weddings taking place outside every weekend.

    If you haven’t been to Sassi, you are missing out!

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