Spotlight on a Spotlight Winner: Congratulations Julie Tricroce

Julie Tricroce won a Spotlight certificate recently for her correct guess at our Chicago Secret Spotlight. She’s taking home $50 of food and drink at Nozumi Japanese Cuisine in South Barrington, Illinois. Julie chatted with us about a few of her favorite things.

OT: What is the name of your hometown?

JT: Streamwood, Illinois.

OT: What is your favorite food?

JT: Steak!

OT: Can you name some of your favorite restaurants?

JT: Lucky Monk, Wildfire, and Bonefish Grill.

OT: Who are you taking to dinner with your free Spotlight certificate?

JT: My husband, Len.

OT: Awww, that’s sweet! Len’s a lucky guy.

Congratulations again, Julie! Diners, remember to make your guesses and you could be one of our lucky winners in the weeks to come!


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