Savored Launches Partnership with OpenTable; San Francisco Is Premiere City

Savor the flavor of discounted dining, courtesy of Savored deals, now on OpenTable.

We’re pleased to announce that discount dining deals through Savored, formerly known as Village Vines, have come to OpenTable. Launching in San Francisco, the offers, which provide diners with 30 percent off the price of their entire meal at premier restaurants on select dates and times in exchange for a $10 reservation fee, will soon roll out in other cities across the U.S.

If you’re not familiar with Savored, it’s a members-only service providing insider pricing at top restaurants in major cities, including Atlanta, Boston,Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco and Washington, D.C. Our friends at Savored estimate that a party of four would save $40 on a their bill after accounting for the initial fee. Another way to add value to the dining experience for both diners and restaurateurs, the partnership between OpenTable and Savored is truly a win-win for everyone.

If you’re in the Bay Area, learn how you can save with Savored at restaurants, including Chez TJ, Epic RoasthouseFish & Farm, Saison, and many more, here!



  1. Jane Bressler says

    I just experienced Savored for the first time in New York through Open Table. My reaction is total shock and disappointment. I made a reservation at Almond at E. 22nd Street in Manhattan and on Open Table it showed that there would be a 30% discount at 6:30. Only in the process of making the reservation did the name “Savored” enter the process. I was asked to pay $10 for the reservation and charged it to my American Express card. I was totally unfamiliar with Savored and quite naturally assumed that the $10 was to guarantee that I would show up and that the $10 would be credited to my bill. When I got the bill, I was quite surprised that not only was the $10 not credited, that it was a separate fee to Savored for making the reservation and getting me a 30% discount (which now was not 30% anymore), but an 18% gratuity was added to the bill. When I spoke to the manager, Antonio Rappazzo, he told me that he had no idea how Savored operated or how they made their money or about the $10 reservation fee. He also said that his staff had been upset that people had tipped based on the bill after the 30% discount and he had arranged with Savored to add th 18% gratuity, but that anyone who made a reservation would be advised of this fact at the time of reservation. I made a copy of my reservation but, at no time, was there an indication of the gratuity charge. In fact, I generally tip 20% and added to the 18% gratuity, but I find this whole process unconscionable and will never make a reservation through Savored again.

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