Restaurants Are the Place to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, According to New Survey

Diners are in the mood for romance and restaurants this Valentine's Day.

A new survey of OpenTable diners revealed that restaurants’ popularity is on the rise as a destination on and around February 14, with nearly 90% of respondents planning to dine out. While a lot of us will be dining out on February 14th, nearly a third of folks are going to spend Saturday celebrating.

Speaking of spending, deep feelings yield deep pockets, especially in Washington, D.C. Nearly 90 percent of respondents nationwide plan to spend more or about the same amount as last year with 58 percent planning to spend $100 to $200 — and 12 percent plan to spend more than $200! However, of the diners who said they plan to spend more this year than last, the highest percentage of respondents hailed from Washington D.C. (25 percent), followed by Baltimore (24 percent) and Miami (23 percent). In other words, if you’re in the market for a fellow foodie whose idea of a great date is a great meal, you now know where to look.

While 70 percent of diners planned to book comfortably ahead of time, nearly 19 percent will wait until this week. If you’re one of these diners who are still searching for the right restaurant, check out our Diners’ Choice Top Ten Most Romantic Restaurants lists in a metropolitan area near you. You can also research specials and menu details for February 14 at to find one the perfect place.

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