Nudity at Restaurants; Restaurant Weeks Under Fire; Diner Complaints; What Restaurant Hosts Wish You Knew; Pickles Are Hot; But, Entrees Are Not?

Lisa Vanderpump demands to know why Adrienne failed to invite Jiggy to her spa day.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Clothing-optional dining. Are nude diners coming soon to a restaurant near you? I, for one, hope not. [Los Angeles Times]

* Real trouble for Real Housewife restaurateur? Lisa Vanderspump responds to claims of a poor dining experience. Jiggy, however, has been silent on the matter. [Gather]

* The honor system. Pay-what-you-can dining comes to Billyburg. If only Per Se would institute this policy. Sigh. [Gothamist]

* Win-win? Are restaurant weeks actually good for the restaurants? [Forbes]

* State your complaint. What diners don’t like when dining out. [Press Democrat]

* Sifton signs off. The New York Times critic reflects on his time as a restaurant critic. [The New York Times]

* Hot or not? New trends in hotels and restaurants. [4 Hoteliers]

* How to ruin a restaurant meal. A guide in five simple steps. []

* Peter Piper was onto something. After all, he picked a peck of pickled peppers, which are, along with kimchi, all the rage at restaurants. [Seattle Times]

* In the know. What restaurant hosts wish you knew. [Woman’s Day]

* Clean up time. Busboys are vital restaurant staff members. And, I should know! I was a busboy. And, yes, they called me a busboy, not a busgirl, since there weren’t any other girls doing the job. [Eatocracy]

* Is the entrée over? Rumors of its demise are probably premature, as always. [Esquire]

* Your moment of zen. This is the world’s most expensive chocolate pudding. [World Records Academy]




  1. rquattrini says

    Unless I am missing something, there does not seem to be a window to search for a particular restaurant. Only those which you wish to promote. Apologize, if its clearly there, I am stunaud!

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