Notes from NOLA: Several Servings of the Louisiana Seafood Festival

In Louisiana, they’re proud of their seafood. In fact, they’re so proud that they put on entire festival dedicated to it! As part of our coverage of the Louisiana Seafood Blog Masters, we spent the day at the 2011 Louisiana Seafood Festival watching amazing cooking demos (in a, thankfully, air-conditioned tent!) by some of NOLA’s most important chefs, including Commander’s Palace chef Tory McPhail and chef Chris Lusk, aka The King of Louisiana Seafood. We hit up street vendors (fried green tomatoes, étouffée, and po’ boys, oh my!), snapped photos alongside top bloggers, including Nate Lippy, Emma Christensen, and many more, and enjoyed the sights and musical sounds going on around the old U.S. Mint.

Check out the slideshow below to see what we saw (and ate!).

Coming up next — dinner at GW Fins and brunch at Commander’s Palace!

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