Meet The Mother of All Foodies: Congratulations, Sherry O’Neil!

Congratulations to Sherry O'Neil, The Mother of All Foodies!

As we prepare to celebrate Mother’s Day, we’d like to introduce you to Sherry O’Neil, an IT audit manager from Dallas, Texas, who won OpenTable’s The Mother of All Foodies Giveaway — and a whopping 100,000 OpenTable Dining Rewards Points! An IT audit manager by day and a foodie photographer by night (and, probably day, too, if you consider breakfast and lunch!), Sherry talked to us about her win and her passion for food and dining.

Sherry, congratulations on winning the title of The Mother of All Foodies. What prompted you to enter, and how does it feel to win?

I saw a post about this contest on a friend’s Facebook wall, and when I started reading the questions (“Does going out mean dining out? Do you tweet what you eat? Do you have a taste for tasting menus?”), I knew that this contest was made for me!  After taking pictures of my food for 11 years, it feels awesome to finally have it pay off!!!

Eleven years of documenting food is impressive (and way ahead of the curve, girl!). How long have you been a foodie?

I have always loved food, but I probably became a serious foodie once I was out of college and started traveling for work and dining at nice restaurants on the company’s dime in the U.S. and abroad.

Okay, Ms. MOAF, what dishes do you find most irresistible on a menu?

The single, most irresistible item on a menu to me is foie gras. I also enjoy escargot, oysters, lobster bisque, and tuna tartare.

Ah, foie. A woman after my own heart! Do you have a favorite season for food?

ANY and ALL seasons!!!

Of course! What are some of your favorite restaurants?

Al Biernat’s, Nick & Sam’s, The Grape, Kenichi, Nobu, Alize at the Top of the Palms, Tao .

What has been your single most memorable dining experience to date?

The first time eating the chef’s tasting menu with premium wine pairings at Michael Mina at the Bellagio in Vegas. Probably one of the best meals I’ve ever had.

Are there any restaurants on your bucket list that you’ve just got to get to but have not yet?

I would like to try Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck. I have heard the food is wonderful and the atmosphere is romantic. I would also like to try The French Room at The Adolphus.

What’s your favorite city for dining?

Paris France, hands down! Everything I ate there was unbelievable.

In addition to being The Mother of All Foodies, are you a mom?

No, I am not.

Which friends or family members will benefit from your Dining Rewards Cheques along with you?

The person that will benefit the most from my Dining Rewards Cheques is a certain special someone that has treated me to many, many fine dining experiences in the past. I have also promised dinner to several friends that voted for me.

Any final thoughts?

I really enjoy the ease and convenience of OpenTable’s website for making restaurant reservations. I am also very glad of course that you thought of having this contest!

Sherry, we’re glad that you entered and earned the title of The Mother of All Foodies! We hope you’ll share photos of your free meals with us and your fellow OpenTable diners! Once again, congratulations and bon appétit!




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