Lunavores Are the New Locavores; Jellyfish Coming Soon to a Menu Near You; Food Truck Debate Rages Around the U.S.; Where Sinatra Ate and Why

Who could go for a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich? Anyone? Bueller?

* Look out, locavores! Here come the lunavores. Cuisine inspired by the moon’s cycles arrives at mar’sel at Terranea Resort. [NBC LA]

* Let’s give “curate” and “compose” back to the art world. PLEASE. [GrubStreet NY]

* Are the Michelin Guides on a road to nowhere? We certainly hope not! [Financial Times]

* Threatened species are still being served worldwide. This is so upsetting to me that I am snarkless. [The National]

* Threatening species, or at least jellyfish, are being served in China, Pakistan, and Thailand. Having been stung by a jellyfish, all I can say is keep up the good work. [The News]

* How about a nice maggot sandwich on rye? State fair food goes exotic. Or, you know, disgusting. [UPI]

* This is the last nasty-ingredient news item of the day. Snakeheads may show up on Baltimore menus. Oh, wait! That’s snakeheads, the invasive fish. Not the heads of snakes. Whew! [Baltimore Sun]

* “Noma is the greatest restaurant in the world” blog post number 1,973. Now with pictures. []

* Keep on truckin’. Or not, if you’re in a food truck.  [The New York Times]

* Sinatra had been up and down and over and out, and he knew one thing. The people who ran Patsy’s always had a table — and a place in their hearts — for him. [CNN]

* The kitchen is the new garage. Red Rooster chef Marcus Samuelsson talks about men’s exodus into the kitchen. Does this mean kitchens will be as messy as most garages? [Newsweek]

* The dark side of the rise of the celebrity chef. There’s so many that they’re hard to keep track of, which is why a man was able to scam 300 foodies out of some cash. [NBC Philadelphia]

* Do you need a reason to take a foodie road trip? Here are 15. [Epicurious]

* Celebrities are just like us. Sure they’re richer and thinner, but they’re like us in that they bring their kids to restaurants. [Babble]

* How to get free restaurant publicity. Serve anything with foie gras. It’s working for one Brooklyn establishment. [Gawker]

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