Haiku? Don’t Mind If You Do! Enter This Week’s Poetic Spotlight Giveaway

Write a haiku that / Tells us why you love Spotlight / Random poet wins

Hey, Spotlight fans! We’re taking a brief hiatus from our usual Secret Spotlight Giveaway to do something completely different. And by completely different we mean poetry! Why? Well, Annie Happel and the rest our Spotlight team are a particularly literate bunch (as you may have noted from all the clever copy that accompanies each deal every week). In keeping with their love of both food and words, we’re asking you to write a haiku about Spotlight. One winner will receive a free Spotlight offer in the nearest Spotlight market

Enter by posting your haiku (along with the Spotlight city closest to you) in the blog comments below. Be sure to use your real name/email address so we can contact you with your prize if you’re the winner! Giveaway period ends Tuesday, May 31, 2011, at 11:59PM EDT. Standard terms and conditions apply.

Not sure what a haiku is? In a nutshell, it’s an unrhymed three-line poem, and the first and last lines have 5 syllables and the middle line has 7 syllables. You can learn more here.

You can also learn by example, thanks to these haiku penned by OpenTable Spotlight’s own Tori Tsu…

Where the Spotlight shines
Happy foodies dine on a


Find a hidden gem
With a daily deal from your
Spotlight restaurant


I love my Spotlight
It brings me such joy and lots
Of delicious food


Oh Spotlight, shine on
Bring me a new deal today
I like to eat out


Rain, rain, go away
Bring a shiny Spotlight day
With great restaurants


Nom, nom, nom, I say
Bring a new Spotlight today
Let’s try something new!

Thanks to Tori for her most mellifluous creations! Remember to post your entry here by Tuesday night to win an offer in the Spotlight city nearest you.


  1. nikkitikki says

    the spotlight has shined
    my tummy gets more full
    spotlight shines brighter

  2. Vanessa Harikul says

    I thought I’d eat in
    Until a Spotlight appeared
    No ramen tonight!

    Vanessa Harikul, Los Angeles/Orange County

  3. David says

    My dining pleasure
    is greatly influenced by
    the Spotlight du jour.


  4. Buddha Belly says

    Spotlight deals bring smiles
    Over cities near and far
    Frugal dining…YUM!

  5. Jonette says

    Stomach rumbles. Eat.
    Search the internet. Spotlight.
    Shines brightly on food.

  6. Rico Diacono says

    Fish, Pig, Chicken, Duck
    Spot-light my dinner please.
    Tonight we dine well !

    Kansas City

  7. Jason Lunn says

    One often debates:
    Do I Follow the Spotlight?
    Does It Follow Me?

    Philadelphia/North Wilmington, DE

  8. Lauren says

    Frugal foodies know
    Twice as much is twice as good
    When Spotlight pays half

    New York

  9. Ray Johnson says

    Eat out, eat out, now
    Come to me delicious food
    Spotlight tell me where!

  10. Sue Beres says

    Used to run a spot.
    Now I just eat out a lot.
    Food, glorious food.

    Toronto, ON

  11. Tricia Farringer says

    nation’s capital
    international cuisine
    Spotlight navigates

    [Crystal City, Arlington / Washington, D.C.]

  12. HUE k says

    Looking for a place tonight
    Spotlight’s clue leads me to a place
    Now it’s time to eat

  13. Susan Strayer says

    Spotlight, oh Spotlight
    The first deal always in sight
    Open Table’s right

  14. Michael Lefebvre says

    Daring Boston Eats
    From Tremont Street to the Seaport
    Where to Explore Next

  15. Jenna Hess says

    penny-wise gourmets
    dining well, sans wallet pain
    courtesy Spotlight

    Chicago, IL

  16. Tori Chambers danioth says

    Spotlight coupon deal
    helped my poor friends pay for me
    birthday sushi yum

  17. Nora says

    Spotlight means have it
    All. When appetites are big
    And wallets, so small.

    – Nora, Los Angeles, CA

  18. Elizabeth Lang says

    I spot on Spotlight
    delights for stomach and pocket.
    Spot on, Open Table!

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