Guess to Win This Week’s Giveaway: Secret Spotlight Clues Are Live!

This NYC Secret Spotlight dish is even more delish at 50% off!

Happy Monday! Even if you’re not completely excited to start the week, we are, thanks to our OpenTable Spotlight giveaways. Read through all the clues here and click through to make your guess and win a FREE OpenTable Spotlight offer! Tuesday’s deals will shine in Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, while Wednesday’s offers will turn on in Boston, Chicago, Denver, Minneapolis, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C.! Guess to win.

* Boston: Nestled in the New England woodlands, this award-winning Tyngsboro restaurant serves world-class cuisine and boasts the second largest wine collection in the country. Make your guess here!

* Chicago: An offspring of a small store front in Chicago’s Old Irving neighborhood, this newest and largest location in downtown Chicago serves signature drinks, sushi rolls, salads, soups, noodles, and desserts. Make your guess here!

Denver: This cozy downtown restaurant serves contemporary European bistro fare and features a wide selection of custom infused vodkas. Make your guess here!

Los Angeles: Enjoy the world’s most popular beverage and delicious Mediterranean dishes at this luxurious lounge on West Sunset Boulevard. Make your guess here!

* Minneapolis: This elegant steakhouse in Bloomington delivers timeless quality and a modern atmosphere. Read the rest of the clue.

* New York: Celebrate the sophistication and warmth of a Caribbean paradise at this restaurant, named after one of Ernest Hemmingway’s favorite cities. Make your guess here!

Philadelphia: Bold Italian flavors and a welcoming atmosphere are just part of what make this Ambler ristorante a beloved local gem. Make your guess here!

San Francisco: Tucked in the heart of the Castro, this popular restaurant serves delicious classic cuisine with a savory Southern spin. Make your guess here!

Washington, D.C.: Serving dynamic, seasonal cuisine and promoting local artists by displaying their work and hosting weekly performances for local musicians, this Reston restaurant is a community favorite. Make your guess here!

Make your guesses via the link following each clue, and check your email to see if you won this week’s giveaway.

For more on our giveaway, click here. And, stay tuned for another round of Spotlight offers set to shine again on Thursday in Los AngelesNew York, and San Francisco.


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