Gluten-Free at The French Laundry; Dating for Dinner; Female vs. Male Chefs; Restaurants Seek Rx for Dining ADD; Cheers to Sommeliers, Jeers to Corkage

Sadly, Balzac was born a generation too soon to compete in the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Hold the wheat. You can dine gluten-free at The French Laundry and it is, obviously, still really, really good. []

* The war on dining ADD. It’s being waged at many restaurants, particularly in Dallas. [City of Fate]

* The difference between female and male chefs. Some folks think there is one. I’m not sure because there aren’t enough female chefs out there. Restaurant owners, please remedy this. Thank you. [Eating Our Words]

* The new rock stars. Chefs have had their moment. Farmers, too. Now, sommeliers are stepping into the spotlight. [NBC New York]

* Does your restaurant have game? No, not like wild game! Think game like Farmville. [Mashable]

* It may not pay to dine out. But it costs less than eating at home, so maybe it kind of does? [Examiner]

* Balzac, the first competitive eater? Honoré de Balzac could really pack it away, even in prison. [Wall Street Journal]

* Where do food trends come from? Wild speculation and wishful thinking? No, seriously, a food trendologist has some answers (but not really). [CHOW]

* Cork you. A writer rails against outrageous corkage fees, while praising restaurants with modest charges. [The Epi-Log]

* Fly me to the moon. The food at NASA has got to be better than in our airports. But, wait…maybe that’s not entirely true anymore! [Food and Wine]

* Dating for dinner. A New York woman dines out on lovelorn men’s dimes. I know that game, only it goes by a different name. [Business Insider]

* On slow food and slow money. Your ingredients are sustainable — but is your restaurant? [Fast Company]

* What chefs eat at home. It’s still way better than what you eat when you’re at home. Just sayin’. [The New York Times]

* Reviews redux. Chefs and restaurant owners? They’re still not loving negative reviews. Go figure. []



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