Eight Dishes That Should Be 86’d; Caveman Cuisine; An iPhone As Dinner Date; Ellen and Lady Gaga to Open Eateries; Best New Restaurants in Canada

An OpenTable diner snapped this cellphone picture of the Geico cavemen dining at Sauvage in Berlin.

Dining and restaurant news…

* Give me liberty. The Liberty Tavern, that is. That’s where President Obama dined with four fortunate supporters last week. [Obama Foodorama]

* Your time is gonna come. And by come, the HuffPost foodies mean go, for these eight played-out dishes. [HuffPost Food]

* So easy a caveman could eat it! Food from the Paleolithic era is all the rage at a restaurant in Berlin. Bring your own club. [Daily Mail]

* In the foaming. Is molecular gastronomy hurting fine dining? I doubt it, but some people in D.C. seem to think it is. [NBC Washington]

* “And, my Blackberry will have….” You’re not dining alone if you have your smartphone. [Washington Post]

* And if you don’t have a smartphone? You can hire a dining companion, if you happen to be in Vegas. I haven’t spent a lot of time in Vegas, so maybe this isn’t as weird as it sounds? [Las Vegas Vegas]

* Somebody bring me some water. Apparently, it’s what most folks are drinking while dining out. [NY Daily News]

* The Art-ful Gaga. Lady Gaga’s father is set to open a new restaurant with Chef Art Smith (Art and Soul). Because of her aversion to the telephone, we’re hopeful it will be on OpenTable. [Delish]

* Game for game? Foodies are developing a fever for the flavor of wild game. [Press Democrat]

* Squirrel! My dogs love them (and by love, I mean hate!),  but I think it’s safe to say, I don’t need to ever eat one. If you do, though, head to the UK, where squirrel meat is making its way into pasties. [TNT Magazine]

* Life in a Northern town. Daniel Boulud is opening new restaurants in Toronto. [Reuters]

* Oh, offal. Vancouver chefs are cooking with all the offal bits. [Vancouver Sun]

* Take off, eh! To the 10 best new restaurants in Canada. [Ottawa Citizen]

* Meat-free with Ellen D. Funny lady Ellen Degeneres and wife Portia DeRossi will be opening a vegan restaurant in LA. [Contact Music]

* I am Iron Chef. Duh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh-nuh. Find out why big-time chefs are willing to put it all on the line on TV. [Los Angeles Times]

* No way, José! An impressive portrait of José Andrés (The Bazaar), one of the world’s most impressive chefs, who says he is only at mile zero of his career. [Wall Street Journal]

* Rating the waiters. Diners discuss what they don’t like about certain service professionals. [Monterey Herald]

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