Dude Food for Your Inner Lebowski; Instant Ramen’s Gonna Get You; Traveling to Eat Locally; @ChefChiarello vs. @TylerFlorence; Napkins Off the Menu in the U.K.

Thanks to restaurants that serve Dude Food, Jeff Lebowski no longer has to worry about going food shopping.

* This is Dude food. The team behind Animal aims to feed the Jeff Lebowskis of the world. [Wall Street Journal]

* The 20% rule. Jonathan Gold’s guide to tipping is surprisingly simple. [LA Weekly]

* Pop goes the pop-up? Pop-up restaurants may serve sustainable food, but are pop-ups themselves sustainable? [BusinessInsider]

* Face/Off, Twitter-style: It’s Michael Chiarello (Bottega) versus Tyler Florence (Wayfare Tavern) in this very un-John-Woo-like infographic. [Uncork29]

* Picture this. Nosh, a new app, tells you what to order at restaurants. [ZDnet]

* Speaking of noshing, when did it get more complicated than nookie? Why might be the better question, though. [Technorati]

* Where to travel to eat local. Huh? [Gadling]

* Accentuate the negative. Restaurant reviews that have a small piece of negative information actually have a positive effect. Go figure. [EurekAlert]

* On the road. A dining guide for folks on four wheels, with apologies to Ronald and the King. [News-Journal]

* Money changes everything. Including chefs’ tastes, apparently. [Zagat]

* French dining survival guide. Who knew French restaurants were so fraught with peril and danger? Is it being served by zombies? [NZ Herald]

* Napkins’ days are numbered in the U.K. Score one for Brawny! [DailyIndia]

* A picture is worth a thousand calories. Maybe, if you’re using new app Photato, which tells you how many calories are in a dish with just a pic. [TheNextWeb]

* Kings of yesterday. Are classical French techniques dead? Yes. And, you know, no. [Miami New Times]

* Forget instant karma. Instant ramen’s gonna get you, if you dine at the worst restaurant in Japan. [ModernMarketingJapan]

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