Drop a Restaurant Rhyme to Win a Spotlight Certificate in This Week’s Giveaway!

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Rhyming and free-styling are this week’s haiku! Get out your rap records and your rhyming dictionary and  pen a rhyme about your favorite restaurant on the OpenTable network for a chance to win a Spotlight offer in the city nearest you!

Enter by posting your rhyme (along with the Spotlight city closest to you) in the blog comments below. Be sure to use your real name/email address so we can contact you with your prize if you’re the winner! Giveaway period ends Thursday, June 10, 2011, at 11:59PM EDT. Standard terms and conditions apply.

For your inspiration, the  Spotlight team (including yours truly) have come up with some inspiration to get you going! 

From Angie Ryan, an ode to the burger at Street…

“Sometimes a girl just needs to eat
A big fat juicy slab of meat
When that urge hits me
I go out and gets me
A freshly grilled burger at Street

While you wait for your burger you can smell it grilling
When your tummy is grumbling that smell does some killing
Then you chow the house down, and boy is it filling.

(I say no to fries
With tears in my eyes
But my belly can’t handle the double billing.)”


From Tori Tsu, and the imaginary play (H)omelet ☺…

“To eat, or not to eat (out): that is the question.
Whether ‘tis better to dine at Nopa
And savor the Little Fried Fish and Herbed Chicken,
Or to imbibe in the Blood & Sand.
And by dining, end hunger? To dine, to drink;
Perchance dessert? Ay, there’s the bill.”


From Johanna Kenrick…

“Oh palate! My favorite treat.
Where food, wine and people meet.
Tasty jars and charming plates,
Let’s have dessert and stay out late!
No need to rush, ignore the time,
Sit back, relax, enjoy the wine.”


From Annie Happel, to the tune of “Poker Face” by Lady Gaga…

“I wanna dine at Kokkari tonight please!
Fresh Greek flavor for all to savor, pita, lamb and feta cheese.
Amazing service, cozy booths and a crackling fire are just the start.
After baklava and ouzo, Kokkari’s surely won your heart.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh
OpenTable finds my table, I’ll eat as much as I am able
Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh, oh-oh-e-oh-oh-oh,
OpenTable finds my table, I’ll eat as much as I am able.”


And, from yours truly…

“I love Veritas and I cannot lie.
You other diners can’t deny.
When the sommie walks by with a bottle of Richebourg on his waist
and a corkscrew in your face
You get sprung.”

Thanks to Team Spotlight for their inspired rhymes. Remember to post your entry here by Thursday night to win an offer in the Spotlight city nearest you!



  1. alicia BRANDT says

    When I wanna pizza
    I go to Mozza
    Ima grl from Brooklyn
    I aint no poser
    It may be in El LAy
    not inna hood
    Mario and Nancy
    for all things food
    (tru that!)

  2. says

    Benihana is the place for me !
    The food is great and the show is free !
    I enjoy myself everytime I go !
    My belly is full by the end of the show !
    The Beer and Sake are always on POINT !
    And the delicious cuisine makes this one fine JOINT !

  3. says

    This here’s a tale for all the diners,
    Wanna chow down on Philly’s finest,
    Wanna drink up a frosty cold cocktail,
    Or maybe grab a draft of some local ale.
    OK, smarty, let’s have a party.
    Derek’s got it all, a light meal or a hearty!
    Sever walks by with a plate of food
    And your tummy starts to rumble cause it’s smelling good.
    Family function, high class luncheon
    Brunch is served and you’re stone cold munchin’
    Bottomless mimosas are the Sunday deal
    Goes well with the frittata and the cheese tray for real!
    Now it’s date night, Friday’s all right
    Maybe you’re all worried ’cause your wallet’s all light
    But just remain calm and do not freak,
    because at Derek’s now it’s always Restaurant week!

    –with apologies of course to Young MC
    –Hillary, closest to the spotlight city of Philadelphia 🙂

  4. says

    Now this is the story all about how
    My meal got flipped, turned upside down
    Hold tight and have a bit of basalmic and bread
    And I’ll tell you how Don Giovanni’s got stuck in my head

    In Mountain View Cali born and raised
    In the kitchen (where I spent most of my days)
    Sauteeing and dicing, and slicing all cool
    I was the king of my local culinary school
    When a couple of chefs, they were up to no good
    Started sabotaging the vents in my stovetop hood
    I got in one little cook off and my colleagues were shocked
    And said “You’ve got to open a restaurant, man, that food ROCKED!”

    So I listened to lots of opera to get inspiration
    And though it took lots of practice, hopes and perspiration,
    I knew what I wanted, and it was all good
    Serving up only the freshest of Italian food!

    So now we down on Castro, I got all of my wishes
    And I serve up small parties and banquets with my very best dishes
    I love this business, it’s plain to see
    That there ain’t no food like at Don Giovanni!

    -Don Giovanni in the San Francisco Bay Area.

  5. Rathana Kry says


  6. Jessica Hose says

    You better lose yourself in the menu
    this moment, you live for it, you better choose it
    You want the best dish, don’t matter which {Barbara Lynch’s} house you go
    This opportunity for the best in Boston, yo’!

    So you better lose yourself in the food
    that moment, the first bite, savor it
    You want Menton, No. 9, Drink & Sportello
    A chef this good comes once in a lifetime, yo’!

    (To the tune of Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”)

  7. alison berres says

    Whatya gonna do when u arrive in Phoenix?
    ask me & I’ll recommend food so good you won’t spit it your kleenex.
    right across the street we have ocean prime,
    delicious truffled macaroni at dinner time.
    Get your Robat grill on at the one & only Roka Akor,
    sushi & butterfish will leave you asking for more.
    El Chorro has history and camelback mountain,
    yummy sticky rolls and a big white fountain.
    you said you wanted something local with a fun twist,
    let me call Binkley’s and put you on the list.
    BLT steak has the freshest popovers,
    they will make you smile on your stopover.
    Don & Charlies American rib,
    see some baseball items & wear a bib.
    One last stop to our friends at Noca,
    Eat some foodie food while doing the polka.

    (Phoeniz, AX)

  8. Sara Cotham says

    Start me off with Monterey Bay sardines
    Or how about some Salinas field greens?
    Cannery Row feed me I’m tired of being so lean

    Now give me my Prime Rib
    Eating is such a sublime gig

    When I grub at the Whaling Station
    I’m simply trying to quench my steak fixation
    Don’t get it twisted I also enjoy their crustaceans

    Don’t be deceived I’m not a mobster
    We can make it simple just give me my Lobster

    When it comes to meat its all Prime Grade
    This station is the jack of their trade
    Rare, medium, or well theyll get it made

    Cheesecake,Creme Brulee,and even Tiramisu
    Whaling station you’ve filled me up, now its time to bid adieu

    (Spotlight city – San Francisco)

  9. says

    If you’re looking to chill
    At an oyster bar filled,
    With senators gladhanding
    And knocking back swill
    Venture no farther
    Than the Old Ebbitt Grill.

    The seafood divine,
    Setting refined,
    This is the place
    Those in the know
    of DC go to dine.

  10. Paulo says

    i do love Frasca
    the food is truly divine
    Did I mention wine?

    (Spotlight City-Boulder, CO)

  11. says

    For food that inspires a poem
    Your family and friends, yes we know’em
    The wines will delight
    The service is tight
    Beaver Creek’s Grouse Mountain Grill’m

  12. says

    Some places are stuffy and make you wary
    Or require large gifts from the payroll fairy
    No, Yo, gotta go — those places I bury
    Need a place, face to face, with a loved one to tarry?
    For respite from stress and the loads we carry
    There’s nothing like the haven of Sanctuary

  13. Stephanie says

    Loosely based on “Intergalatic” by The Beastie Boys

    Well Now I’ll tell you why I smile
    You stick around for cocktails worth your while
    They’ve got wait staff that goes the extra mile
    Serving from a menu that’s versatile
    Style family I said
    I’ve always come back since I was a child
    Got the number for the hostess on speed dial
    Decorated richly with carpet and tile
    Foods stacked neatly in a pile
    Leaving here hungry is criminal
    They’ve got class they’ve got wyle
    To ignore dessert is to act plain vile
    If you don’t ask for more you’re in denial
    Coming from Italy nothing too wild
    Go ahead put my reservation on file
    Maggiano’s, food old style

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