Dining Poll: Would You Like Some Music with Your Meal?

One of diners’ most frequent complaints about a restaurant is that it’s noisy. But, what about when restaurants pipe in music? Is that noise? Do great tunes complement great food? Or, is anything over a certain decibel level annoying? Chime in on our latest dining poll!


  1. Desert Rose says

    Wow! I thought that I was the only person out there who enjoys quiet, classy dining. Soft music, nice lighting, pleasant surroundings surely must lead to wonderful meals. Enough already of some loud thumping, headache producing, bass in our ears while we are trying to dine, and to be sure, probably paying a pretty penny!

    Please bring back the niceties in life. Oh, were have they gone? Gone to chain restaurants everyone, where folks equate loudness, poor dress coding, cell phone using and bad manners with being connected and in with the IN crowd.

    Open Tables needs to create a new noise decibel level in their reviews – something along the line of too loud, and not just energetic. If I want energetic, I will go to my gym, or turn up the radio in my car, not dine.

    Let’s bring back fine dining, please!

  2. Happy Wineaux says

    I am personally very sensitive to loud sounds, and have walked out of several restaurants that are playing inappropriate music (rock, rap, crap) way too loudly. On the other hand, soft music that does not detract from the dining experience (which includes conversation) is most welcome.

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