Dining Poll: When Are You Booking Restaurant Reservations on OpenTable?

Do you book your restaurant reservations while you’re at the office? Or are you a night owl who likes to look for open tables while the rest of the world sleeps? Share the time you’re most likely to be making your lunch or dinner plans in today’s poll.



  1. Cliff Greenberg says

    This survey should have given us the opportunity to rank the choice in order, 1 to 3 or 1 to 5. For example, I am now doing lots of last minute res bookings because my time is less flexible, but that actually includes some “at work” when it is a weekday evening, although for some restaurants I need more advanced planning, of course. The Android app is mandatory, and I just added it to my company-supplied (stupid) iPhone.

  2. Dee Dee says

    What a great experience, I loved the fact that we were on our way made reservations and by the time we got there we were 19 minutes early and got seated right away!

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