Dining Poll: Should Drinking Water Be a Question or a Custom at Restaurants?

There’s been much hullabaloo and ballyhoo around drinking water at restaurants. Some restaurants will pour you a glass regardless of whether you request — or want — one or not. Others don’t serve water unless a patron asks. So, we’re asking: What’s your preference when dining out? Weigh in below!



  1. Jason says

    Missing option: The wait staff should ask if the patron wants water when they sit down. I believe this is the law in some parts of the country with drought issues already.

  2. Tony Burgett says

    My bring something to a table when it won’t be used. Handling from beginning to end cost more man hours. The ice used, the clean glass used the time for the waiter to bring it to a table, the pickup of the glass, the washing of the glass, the drying of the glass and putting it back on the rack to be used again. Extra cost for not drinking the water.

    Sometime I want water and ask for it and there are other times that I don’t want any water.

  3. NETWizz says

    The problem with bringing out water glasses is that they take-up room in the dishwasher and their storage as well as adding 10% more for the bus-boys and dishwasher to deal with.

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