Dining Poll: Should Celebrities and the Mega Rich Tip More than Other Diners?

The funny folks at the “Short Order” blog at the Miami New Times have rounded up a list of the most parsimonious celebrities when it comes to tipping. Madonna and Sean Penn’s marriage didn’t survive, but apparently their love of thrift did. Cutie foodie Rachael Ray and pudding pitchman Bill Cosby, among other well-off, well-known folks aren’t known for their generosity either. This revelation, coupled with professional wealthy person Warren Buffet’s recent call for higher taxes for the highest earners, has us wondering if celebs and the really rich should be expected to leave extra-large tips when dining out. Tell us how you feel in today’s poll below.



  1. Eddie says

    I’ve done my fair share of service industry gigs, and I can vouch that it’s the norm – rich people don’t tip! They seem to get everything “complimentary”, and take it for granted that their “stardom” requires everyone around them to bow and provide. Whatever it is they are asking for. Whatever it is they are not asking for. I am actually certain that most rich people (really rich), don’t even carry money (cash nor plastic) on them, as they assume that since everyone knows them, bills automatically pay themselves. If they think about that stuff at all.
    OK, maybe I’m exaggerating, but do try and get a good tip from a rich person, and note the outcome. You’re most likely to be tipped well better from a fellow Hooters server than a hotel hair. And that’s a fact!
    Of course, sharing ones wealth jeopardizes said wealth, so it doesn’t make sense to share, does it? Oh well, I hope that having lots of money makes people proportionately happy. Though, everything indicates the opposite.
    Cheers y’all!

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