Dining Poll: Are Restaurant Matchbooks Keepsakes or Relics?

Today is the 36th Annual Great American Smokeout! Smoking in restaurants has gone the way of Mad Men like Don Draper, but matchbooks can still be found in many establishments. Do you collect ’em or use them at home to light candles or the grill — or do you eschew ’em? Vote in today’s poll!



  1. says

    Many people still collect matchbooks. Most save them as souvenirs. They help you remember where you ate or stayed on a trip or the name of the place where a friend or relative was married. There is something extra about a three-dimensional matchbook as opposed to the two-dimensional business card. A group of us keep information about places that still have matchbooks or matchboxes on a Web site — http://www.matchbooktraveler.com. We think the phrase, Matchbook collecting — just for the fun of it, sums it up.

  2. George Rockwell says

    I am an avid matchbook collector. Have to have patronized the place for the matchbook to go into my collection.
    I do not and have never smoked. I am very disappointed with how no smoking laws have impacted matchbook availablity.
    New York is non smoking but still a treasure trove for matches. I was just in Orlando of 2 days. Obtained 7 matcbooks in a very short period of time. Most smokers have their own way of lighting. Matches are typically collected by souvenier hunters like myself. Glad to see the 80 for to 20 against count so far. Check out this website: http://www.denverpost.com/food/ci_19234859?source=rss for great article regarding matchbooks.

  3. Dave says

    Matchbooks are great souvenirs. What most businesses don’t seem to understand is that matches DO NOT promote smoking. Smokers carry their own lighters. I use matches to light the grill, candles, and many other things. Plus, matchbooks are cheap advertising for a business, and much more collectible than business card. Matchbooks are on display at my home. Several people look at them and wonder where I got them.

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