Dining News: HFCS Is a Four-Letter Word; LudoBites Isn’t a Pop-Up; Plus, $5 Tap Water, and More

Who you gonna call? ChefBusters!

Dining and food news from around the Web…

From the ‘Out, Damned Spot!’ files: Sustainability-minded chefs are taking housemade to a whole new level when it comes to taking high fructose corn syrup, or HFCS, off their menus. [Wall Street Journal]

Don’t call it a pop-up: No, really. Chef Ludo Lefebrve, who is set to return with LudoBites 7.0 in Los Angeles this summer, prefers the term touring restaurant. Yes, chef! [Eater LA]

What does Chef Connie DeSousa eat? Pretty much whatever she wants, including pickles, pretzels, chicken, and hot chocolate. The chef of Calgary’s CHARCUT used to be a ballerina and runs regularly, so she can get away with it. [The Globe and Mail]

Would you like a table for 1,000? We don’t have that on OpenTable (Yet!), but Paris’s Dîner en Blanc is heading to New York on August 25. Try to snag a seat now! [The New York Times]

We won’t ask, if you won’t tell. NYC fine dining restaurants are starting to post calorie counts on menus. But, really, I’d rather they didn’t. [NY Post]

Zero-calorie restaurant logos: Satisfy your appetite for good taste in logos with 30 cool, calorie-free ones. [SpeckyBoy]

Beam us up a steamed pork bun, Scotty! An Asian restaurant in London projects images of what you order before it arrives at the table. Wonder if they’re also using Smell-O-Vision. [TODAYonline]

Would you pay $5.30 for tap water? I would — as long as there’s vodka in it. But, the eco-friendly, filtrated water being served at one Australian restaurant does not, in fact, contain anything other than water. Local diners are, predictably, outraged. [MSNBC]

Everything’s coming up…pickles? In a developing trend, pickles continue to pop up on Michael Bauer’s dinner plates. [InsideScoopSF]

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