Diners with Food Allergies Put Chefs to the Test; Bartending Behind Closed Doors in Utah; Memphis Wants to Be the New New Orleans; Ozersky on Food Criticism

Memphis will have a tough time besting New Orleans's rep, thanks to the amazing oysters NOLA is known for!

Dining and restaurant news from around the web…

* Chefs developing allergies to diner allergies. When you’re handed a laminated card, is it time to 86 diners who could die by your hand? [InsideScoop SF]

* Hey! You’ve got to hide your booze away. Utah’s liquor laws make it difficult for restaurant operators to tend bar in plain sight. [USA Today]

* Redemption song. Josh Ozersky has some tips as to how The New York Times can redeem food criticism. [TIME]

* A tale of two cities. Why isn’t Memphis the culinary destination that New Orleans is? [Commercial Appeal]

* The celebrity chef taste test. Consumer Reports rates celebrity chef products. [ABC News]

* Elaine’s ends with a bang. The bang of an auctioneer’s gavel, that is. [Wall Street Journal]

* Can’t get to Mozza? You can make Nancy Silverton’s yummy meatballs at home. [LA Weekly]

* I’ll have what she’s having. The hungrier you are, the yummier food looks. [TIME]

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