Department Store Dining; Please Don’t Camp Out When You Dine Out; Dressing for Dinner; Communal Table Etiquette; Best Bay Area Burgers; The Bobby Flay Diet

Tiffany Derry's new Private Social restaurant in Dallas is sure to be a success!

Dining and restaurant news…

* You don’t have to shop ’til you drop. In-store fine dining lives on at high-end stores. []

* No camping. When you finish your meal in a crowded restaurant, please relinquish the table to other hungry diners. [Chicago Tribune]

* Dress you up. Should restaurants have dress codes? Maybe. [Eatocracy]

* Dining with strangers. Does communal dining have to be really communal? [CHOW]

* Money changes everything. Are the affluent influencing the D.C. dining scene for the worse? [Washington City Paper]

* Top cheftestant makes good. The talented Tiffany Derry previews Private Social, her new restaurant. [Pegasus News]

* Show me the dough. Surcharges for healthcare in San Francisco costs come under scrutiny. [Wall Street Journal]

* Go green. Follow these eco-conscious chefs on Twitter. []

* Tragic victory. Chef Michael Solomonov lost his brother and found his way in the kitchen. [The New York Times]

* I don’t know how he does it. Bobby Flay, that is. He has a restaurant empire, writes books, hosts TV shows, runs marathons, and even managed to appear on Entourage, and now he’s just revealed that he recently lost 15 pounds. If he weren’t such a great guy, I might not like him. But he is, so I do. Rats! [Washington Post]

* The Bay Area’s best burgers. There’s 25 of ’em! [SF Weekly]

* Cham-pain. A restaurant in Singapore has a very wallet-busting bottle of Champagne in its cellar. [NTD]

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