Congress Calls Pizza a Vegetable; Lime as Garnish or Weapon; Diabetic Chefs Share Strategies; Art Smith on Thanksgiving with Lady Gaga; Best U.K. Restaurants of ’11

A polar bear reacts to a Thanksgiving dinner invitation in Little Diomede Island, Alaska.

Dining news from around the Intertubes…

* Children of America, rejoice! Congress rules that pizza is a vegetable. [Slate]

* Waste not, want not. Chefs and farmers team up in the U.K.’s Trafalgar Square to feed 5,000 from cooking scraps alone. [Huffington Post]

* A chef reflects. Chef Dean Fearing discusses his eponymous restaurant and Dallas’s burgeoning food culture. [Pegasus News]

* Suhweet. Sam Talbot (The Surf Lodge) and other chefs discuss their strategies for creating and eating delicious food while living with diabetes. [TIME]

* Sundays with Tom. Keller, that is. The famed French Laundry chef shows off a new delicious breakfast dish. [TVNewser]

* Thanksgiving with Gaga. Chef Art Smith talks about his upcoming appearance on the Lady’s T-Day special. [Daily Beast]

* Stop or my mom will juice. A chef’s purchase of limes comes under suspicion. [News Track India]

* From the ‘Captain Obvious’ files: Thanksgiving isn’t a holiday for most chefs and restaurant workers.  [Washington Post]

* The science behind food porn? It sounds similar to the science behind people porn. [Smart Planet]

* Splendor returns to Splendido. Luxury dining makes another stand at this Toronto mainstay. [The Star]

* Looks *can* kill. Your restaurant, that is. Here are five rules for appetizing restaurant decor. [Nashville Scene]

* Greatest of Great Britain. John Walsh reveals this year’s best restaurants in the U.K. [The Independent]

* A cry for Yelp! How the popular reviews site is affecting restaurants in Sacramento. [Sacramento Press]

* Speaking of Yelp. It sparked a feud between a diner and restaurant operators that resulted in death threats. [My Fox Phoenix]

* And, now for your moment of zen. Here’s how native Alaskans celebrate Thanksgiving. [Alaska Dispatch]



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