Best Restaurant Dishes + Jamie Oliver’s Best Meal of the Year; Turn-of-the-Last-Century Thanksgiving Menus; Crazy Cakeage Fees in the U.K.; and, the ‘V’ Word

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Dining and food news…

* The top 10 of ’11. These are the 10 best restaurant dishes of the year. That’s a bold statement, but, as we’re nearing the end of the year, you might as well brace yourselves for a slew of these highly subjective listicles. [Food + Wine]

* Jamie Oliver’s top 1 of ’11. The celeb chef has his best meal of the year at Buca in Toronto, according to a post-eat tweet. []

* Thanksgiving menus circa 1900. To quote Bill + Ted’s Excellent Adventure, “Everything is different, but the same. Things are more moderner than before.” [Gothamist]

* Speaking of Thanksgiving. Did you know that 30 million people will dine out on November 24th? No? Well, now you do! [Los Angeles Times]

* You can have your cake. But you might want to eat it at home, if you’re in the U.K. Cakeage fees are officially out of control. [The Telegraph]

* More green for green. Diners are willing to pay more for local, sustainable foods — even if that isn’t what brought them into a restaurant in the first place. [Nation’s Restaurant News]

* Just don’t say vegan. The ‘V’ word is verboten for restaurants trying to woo first-time patrons. [SF Gate]

* Tables turn on Twitter. A London chef spies some restaurant-critic adversaries while dining out — and live tweets a litany of insults. [Gatton Star]

* Learning curves. The internets have made new techniques more accessible to young chefs, but mastery may require hands-on instruction. [Inside Scoop SF]

* And, now for your moment of Zen. Jason Schwartzman as the eccentric host of “Cast Iron Cooks” on Sesame Street. [LAist]


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