Back This Week: #CelebRestaurants Puns; Plus, Last Week’s Winning Tweet

Bruce Willis fails to see the humor in #celebrestaurants pun Spruce Willis.

Last week’s celebrity restaurants name game was so much fun that we’re bringing it back for another week! After all, what’s funnier than Spruce Willis? That’s right, Spruce Willis was the winning pun! Its author, Jonna Constantine, goes home with a Spotlight offer and the satisfaction that comes from creating the most clever entry of the week.

Enter this week’s giveway by posting your pun (along with the Spotlight city closest to you) in the blog comments below. Be sure to use your real name/email address so we can contact you with your prize if you’re the winner! Or, you can tweet your response. Be sure to include an @OpenTable and the hashtag #celebrestaurants in your tweet so we see it. And, remember to follow @OpenTable if  you enter via Twitter so we can DM you to award your prize. Giveaway period ends Friday, June 24, 2011, at 11:59PM EDT. Standard terms and conditions apply. You can read more here.

Join us after the jump for an interview with Jonna Constantine on a few of her fave food things.

OT: Which do you love more, Spruce or Bruce Willis?

JC: Spruce!

OT: We do, too. I mean, Willis hasn’t made a great movie since, um, er, Pulp Fiction, maybe? Anyway, what’s the name of your hometown?

JC: Piedmont, CA (East Bay)

OT: Yay! A local! What is your favorite food?

JC: I love a lot… but, brunch probably is at the top of my list.

OT: Brunch has something for everyone, so…good answer! What are a few of your favorite OpenTable restaurants?

JC: Dosa, Slanted Door, The Tipsy Pig.

OT: And, bonus question: Who are you taking to dinner with your free Spotlight credits?

JC: My sister Alexandra, as we brainstormed together to get Spruce Willis!

Congratulations, Jonna! And, clever foodies, keep those puns coming to be this week’s winner!


  1. Doug Downing says

    The French Stewart’s Laundry

    or the London West HollyWoody Allen (or Harrelson)

  2. Stephanie Jodan says

    Katie Perry Street
    “The Mark”Walberg
    Bill Clinton Street Bakery
    “Balthazar” Getty
    Issac Newton’s Table
    Albert Einstiens Bagels
    The Round Robin Williams Bar
    Emma Stoneys
    Belga Lugosi Cafe.
    Washington DC

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