What’s Your Favorite Type of Restaurant? OpenTable Wants to Know!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably a fan of food — and you probably enjoy dining at a variety of restaurants. Rather than type of cuisine, I’ve been pondering what my favorite type of restaurant is. Ultra-fine dining restaurants worthy of name-dropping and foodie photography? Swanky restaurants in posh hotels? Neighborhood gems that are just around the corner? Establishments with al fresco dining or spectacular views? Romantic restaurants that bring couples closer? I’m somewhat indecisive when it comes to making big choices like this (Full disclosure: I’m a libra), so I’m asking OpenTable diners — What type of restaurant are you happiest to visit? Before you answer, forget money, relationship status, the weather where you live, and whether or not you’re on a diet; just focus on the type of restaurant that makes you most content!

Share your favorite type of restaurant here or on Facebook — and tell us why, and we’ll include your comments when we revisit the topic in a post later this week.


  1. Gerald Peden says

    Need to go to someplace that has the whole package. As someone who enjoys cooking (and isn’t too bad at it) I need to go to a place where they can definitely do it better than me, use more exotic ingredients, and present it and serve me in a way that I can’t. Especially when I’m shelling out >$50 per person.

  2. says

    I have very eclectic tastes and we regularly dine at a variety of restaurant types representing a broad spectrum of cuisines. My favorite type, however, is ultra fine dining (for lack of a better phrase). I couldn’t possibly care less about name-dropping, as I don’t require any external validation (or much respect those who do). My favorite ultra fine dining venues all have a few things in common, irrespective of their particular cuisines. To whit:

    – The dining rooms are quiet. No cell phones, no buzz of conversation from other tables, and NO CHILDREN!!!!
    – The staff will engage with diners to the extent that the diners desire. No excessive conversation, no false bonhomie with names given, no (heaven forbid!) sitting at the table or kneeling to take orders.
    – The service is exquisite. No glass is ever less than half full.
    – The staff is professional. Hotel & restaurant management graduates, etc. No short timers in it only for a job.
    – The food is ethereal and the overall experience transporting.

    This is not to say that I’m not perfectly happy having pizza at a local place, or even dropping in (very occasionally) at a McD’s. I merely require certain standards to be met when I’m expecting a special evening and paying, typically, $400-$600 per couple for the sort of experience described above.

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