What’s Your Favorite Dessert? Dish It in Honor of “Top Chef: Just Desserts”

Wednesday, September 15th is Free Dessert Day — and the premiere of Top Chef: Just Desserts on Bravo! Book a reservation at a participating restaurant and you’ll receive a free dessert at the end of your meal.

In honor of this sweet offer, we’re wondering what your favorite dessert is. Anything chocolate? Gelato? New York cheesecake? Apple pie? Tell us about the best dessert you’ve ever ordered and where you ordered it — in the comments section or over on Facebook.


  1. says

    No contest:

    The home made cinnamon/sugar donut holes with creme en glaze and maple dipping sauce from Landana in Burlington, MA. I don’t know if they are always on the menu but I do know they are easily the best dessert I’ve ever been served in any restaurant at any price…


  2. Jess Sauceda says

    Evas Carribean Kitchen in Laguna Beach , CA has a homemade keylime pie that’s absolutely amazing. Eva makes it herself with a Graham cracker crust filled with a sweet and tangy frozen filling that has a sherbert texture. Its a perfect balance of flavor with enough tang to make your cheeks knott up an your lips pucker but isnt overpowering. It comes with fresh whipped cream and berries…my mouth is watering from thinking about it.

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