What It’s Like to Work at The French Laundry; Batali Goes Green

* It’s tough to get a reservation at The French Laundry, but it’s even tougher to work there. [Financial Times]

* …although the commute is probably tougher if you work at the world’s most remote restaurant. [Gizmodo]

* Mario Batali is known for his orange Crocs, but his restaurants, including Del Posto, Lupa, Osteria Mozza, and Otto, are sporting a more Earth-friendly hue. [The Huffington Post]

* There’s speculation about the name of the new Jose Garces restaurant in Philadelphia’s Centre City. [Philadelphia City Paper]

* One Washington, D.C., street has had enough to eat, apparently. [Washington Post]

* Robot restaurants are going to take over the world! Well, probably not, but this video is fun to watch. [ThisBrandX]

* A restaurant in Plano, Texas, tells diners their money — specifically their cash — is no good there. [Dallas Morning News]

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