Tipping at Restaurants Takes a Hit. Are Tip Jars to Blame?

Tipping-at-Restaurants-Takes-a-HitIn honor of Tax Day tomorrow (Have you filed your return — or your extension yet?), we’re talking about tipping again. Servers in Portland have seen their tips decrease. Some are blaming smaller checks, while several customers had little sympathy for the servers’ plight. Could it be that as consumers we’re now being hit up for tips everywhere we go? To wit, I was recently at a dry cleaner that had a tip jar. Really?! Hey, here’s an extra buck for losing my sweater for a week. Or for putting a crease in my pants even though I beg you not to EVERY SINGLE TIME. Thanks, and keep up the not-so-great work!

Meanwhile, last month, Cheryl Glenn, a lawmaker in Maryland introduced a bill that would ban automatic tipping in restaurants for parties of under 10 diners. Restaurant associations aren’t happy about it, but every diner has her/his own strategy for tipping that doesn’t always jibe with a gratuity automatically being added to their bill.

Are tip jars tapping you out? Causing you to tip less at restaurants? Are mandatory tips driving you mad? Weigh in here, or join the conversation on Facebook.


  1. James Gerber says

    I saw a tip jar at a sushi buffet and I usually tip because i place a special order. When I asked for a spicy tuna roll without sesame seeds (because my wife is now allowed to eat them) the sushi chef told me I’d have to order froma waiter and pay a la carte! So, what service am I expected to be tipping for?

  2. Matt says

    Black Bear Casino in Cloquet, MN had a tip jar for the attendant in the gift store! Couldn’t believe it. Might as well put a tip jar at my desk in my office job and see what happens.

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