‘Sex and the City’ Restaurants: Where the Fab Four Dined in New York

Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers
Photo: Courtesy of Warner Brothers

Not every restaurant featured in the “Sex and the City” franchise is real. Raw, where Smith first waited on Samantha in episode 76, doesn’t exist. Nor does La Doleur Exquise, the, ahem, S&M-themed restaurant in episode 24. However, there are still plenty of opportunities to retrace Carrie’s Manolo Blahnik-ed footsteps around the island of Manhattan — especially at its restaurants. In honor of the release of Sex and the City 2 tomorrow, here are some of the real-life restaurants featured on the series and in the films, at which you can raise a Cosmo to Ms. Bradshaw and her besties.

21 Club
Carrie bursts into tears while tearing into a steak at this clubby Manhattan classic as she learns Big has returned to town from Napa to have “a little heart thing” done (aka angioplasty).

ABC Kitchen
Before there was a Jean-Georges restaurant in this Manhattan home-décor mecca, Charlotte butts heads here with Bunny, the mother of all mother-in-laws, over a new bed for her and Trey.

Blue Water Grill
A Union Square favorite, Charlotte brunches at Blue Water Grill with Arthur, a Harvard grad, whose behavior is more perilous than chivalrous.

Brasserie 8 1/2
This midtown stand-by marks the spot where Carrie is discovered and recruited as a “real” model for Dolce & Gabbana, only to wind up as fashion roadkill.

Carrie and John’s rehearsal dinner for their temporarily doomed wedding is held at perennial Chelsea hotspot Buddakan in the first big-screen adaptation of the series.

Casa Mono
It was Irving at Irving when the show filmed, but now it’s the stylish Casa Mono, outside which Carrie and Charlotte spend time deciding how many of the male passers-by they would, um, well, you know.

Before it was Mexican fave Centrico, it was Layla, at which Mr. Big (who was Mr. Ex) attends Carrie’s birthday party. There are both belly dancers and awkwardness as the single scribe celebrates another year.

Commerce’s predecessor, Grange Hall (also this blogger’s favorite extinct restaurant), served as the Paris restaurant where Carrie’s French fans fete her (albeit without her) in the final episode of the series.

Da Marino
The second time’s the charm (at least for a time) for Big and Carrie as he serenades her over Italian food at Da Marino, where Chris Noth is a real-life regular.

Eleven Madison Park
This Michelin-starred restaurant is the setting for an unexpected reversal of fortune for fan fave Carrie, as Big breaks the news that he’s betrothed to Natasha.

Grand Bar and Lounge at the Soho Grand Hotel
The site of rich Richard’s Black and White Ball, a green-with-jealousy Samantha is caught red-handed taking her revenge on her promiscuous paramour.

Il Cantinori
Carrie’s 35th birthday party is a bust as her buddies and Big stand her up, leaving her sitting solo at this NYU-nabe fave.

A fabulously (and finally!) pregnant Charlotte runs into John in the first film and tells him she rues the day he was born — seconds before her water breaks and her second child is born.

The Modern
In the Sex and the City movie, Carrie breaks the news of her engagement to Big to two of her gal pals at the elegant The Modern restaurant, prompting Charlotte to inelegantly scream.

This Lower East Side tavern is the actual location for the very fictional Scout, co-owned by Miranda’s man, Steve, and Carrie’s former fiance, Aidan.

Slate Plus
Samantha can’t keep her mind on pool as Carrie and her pals shoot the breeze and a bit of stick at Slate in Manhattan’s Flatiron district.

SushiSamba Park
Rich Richard tries to woo back Samantha after she discovers his wicked ways, but his efforts are all wet when Samantha throws a dirty Martini in his face. Carrie and Co. also lunched at SushiSamba 7 in another episode.

Jittery jazz musician and club owner Ray King vies with Big for Carrie’s attention at the on-screen opening of this hip midtown restaurant.

Which locations have you visited? Which are you dying to dine at? Tell us here or on Facebook. And, don’t miss our Twitter Sex and the City 2 dinner giveaway tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for details!


  1. Ale says

    Cafe Edison – In the fifth season opener for ‘Sex And The City’, Carrie met a woman named Joan in a coffee shop. That scene was filmed in the Cafe Edison of the Hotel Edison and adds to the location connections for the hotel’s televersion.

  2. Martina says

    Cipriani Downtown on West Broadway- that’s where the girls discover that Big got engaged to Natasha (btw, I love the food at Cipriani <3 )

  3. maria says

    What about Denial? The Bar/restaurant on season 2 where Carrie and the girls are waiting for Big thinking he won’t show up, but he does.

  4. Mark Is Bored says

    Ummm…Raw was a real place in the East Village…close to Washington Square Park. I ate the twice!

  5. One Fan of Many says

    What about the one where Big tells Carrie about his involvement with the movie star Willow Summers?

  6. Ahmad says


  7. SATC addict says

    @Markisbored…. Raw is an actual restaurant, but the location was not the same. They actually used the restaurant ‘Sea’ located in Williamsburg 🙂

  8. Sofia says

    I’d like to know in the 6th season in one of the last episodes I Think all the Girls is sitting in sprakly black dresses in a Beautiful enviroment and drink drinks and toast to each others!

  9. karen says

    where was the american diner when there disgussing carries problems and miranda steals sams food off her plate?? denial was an acutal place?

  10. Laura Shoshani says

    even thought i’m years late I would love to know the place they all meet for brunch.

  11. C.B says

    And of course “Down the Hatch” (179 West 4th Street, New York) from Season 6 “The Post-It Always Sticks Twice”: where Carrie and the girls go after they leave “Bed” to buy some weed, see Smith on TRL, and almost get in a fight for kissing someone’s boyfriend. Due to a threatened law-suit/restraining order (preventing the show from airing because of alleged slander) by the establishment’s owners, the producers had to do a voice-over and change the name to “Drown the Hound” (and to be fair, besides the fact that they buy weed there, they also complain that it’s dingy/dirty/down-market).


  12. Lvw says

    Pretty sure the brunch place is based on Cafeteria in Chelsea as its open 24hr and in one episode Carrie meera Miranda there at 3am. It’s a similar decor and all white tables. The wide mix food they each order would also be available there


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