OpenTable Spotlight Offers Expand to Atlanta

OpenTable is pleased to announce that our successful Spotlight offers are launching in Atlanta. Beginning at 12AM EDT on September 1, 2010, OpenTable diners will be able to purchase $50 for just $25 at one of Atlanta’s top restaurants. Click through for a clue as to which restaurant is stepping into the ATL Spotlight this week. Also, share your Secret Spotlight guesses for this week’s Boston and New York restaurants.

You can tune in at 8PM EDT tomorrow to find out exactly where the OpenTable Spotlight is shining in Atlanta, Boston, and New York, and don’t forget to buy yours before the OpenTable Spotlight offers go dark at 12AM EDT on September 2nd!

Follow our local Atlanta, Boston, and New York Twitter handles for clues and news each week!


  1. says

    Congratulations on scaling up the Spotlight launch!
    I’m just curious about the rationale behind the cities you’re launching in. One would have expected you to follow up New York with San Francisco, LA or Chicago – where, presumably, you have a larger audience and restaurant partners?


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