OpenTable Spotlight: $50 for $25 at Metrazur in New York + Boston’s Ginger Park

It’s on! OpenTable Spotlight is shining bright in Boston and New York. Our now-not-so-secret-Spotlight-restaurants, Ginger Park in Boston and Metrazur in Manhattan, are offering OpenTable diners $50 worth of food and bev for just $25! The sale ends Thursday night, so buy now to dine at a discount later!

Read all about Charlie Palmer’s crown jewel in Manhattan’s grandiose Grand Central Station and take advantage of this great way steal on an amazing meal at Metrazur. And, don’t miss Patricia Yeo’s famed son-in-law eggs and much more at Ginger Park, which draws in diners from all over Boston.

And, of course, don’t forget to book a table at Ginger Park or Metrazur after you print out your Spotlight certificate.


  1. Richard says

    I would love to take advantage of this deal with Ginger Park, except:

    1) there’s no expiration date for the deal listed anywhere in the description;

    2) there’s no contact information for OpenTable that I have been able to find, in order to ask someone what the expiration date for the deal is.

    So I end up having to make a comment on the blog about these issues, rather than contact someone who can give me answers. Caroline, I am hoping you can contact the webmaster for OpenTable, because he needs to include things like expiration dates on the descriptions in the future.


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