Joey Campanaro, Paul Sevigny, and The Kenmare: People Are Talking

You know how sometimes it seems that there’s just one chef that everyone is talking about? Well, at the moment that chef is Joey Campanaro. Famous for his work at The Little Owl and his meatball sliders, along with Market Table, Campanaro has opened Kenmare along with restaurateur Paul Sevigny, brother to Chloe and the man behind the infamous Beatrice Inn. Serious Eats talks to Campanaro about what he likes to serve, The Daily Beast got him to reveal where he most likes to eat when he’s not behind the line (Soto), and Lost City reveals the origin’s of his latest venture’s name, which is tucked on a street of the same name in Manhattan’s SoHo.

Have you tried Campanaro’s famous meatball sliders? Which one of his restaurants is your favorite? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Frankie says

    I have tried Little Owl, Market Table, and Kenmare. I like Market Table the best. I think Little Owl is very inconsistent and overrated. Kenmare is the worst in terms of food. Bland, bland, and bland. The decor looks like Ralph Lauren designed it on a day he was sick and throwing up…

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