Introducing OpenTable Spotlight™: Delicious Deals on Meals

OpenTable not only saves tables — it saves money! We’re pleased to announce the launch of OpenTable Spotlight, our exclusive dining discount offers. Launching first in Boston and New York, OpenTable Spotlight will allow diners like you to purchase, typically, $50 of food and beverages at select restaurants for just $25 — a 50% discount.

We’ll reveal our first two Spotlight offers tomorrow at 5PM EST, but before then, we’ll drop a hint as to the restaurants’ identities. You’ll be able to share your guesses in the comments section of our Spotlight pages.

Get in on the action in Boston and New York — and stay tuned for the launch of OpenTable Spotlight in additional cities across the U.S. OpenTable-Spotlight


  1. says

    Hi Scott…

    You should be able to access your Spotlight certificate by logging into your OpenTable account at (please note that you need to log into the Spotlight site and not the regular OpenTable homepage.)

    Once you’ve signed in (use the ‘sign-up’ link on the top right corner), click on My Account -> My Certificates on the top right bar on the Spotlight page, then click on the Print Certificate link.

    Let me know if you have any difficulties…

    Caroline Potter
    Chief Dining Officer


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