1. Giselle says

    I always ask for a doggie bag as it is for my 4 dachunds, they wait for us and are so excited as they can smell the food which is always steak or prime rib :-))

  2. Chi says

    99.9% of the time, I will most definitely ask for a to-go box or for it to be wrapped up. I figure, “I spent money on this food, so I may as well put it to good use.” To be honest though, my leftovers will stay in the fridge for a couple days, uneaten, if someone in the family hasn’t gotten to it first. After those two days, though, if no one has touched it, we leave the box out during the night for the stray animals to pick at.

  3. Donna says

    There are some great steakhouses where I expect I won’t be able to finish the meal. At Mastro’s, Mortons and Ruth’s Chris steakhouses, the quality is exceptonal. Our anticipated leftovers make a perfect steak benedict or lunch sandwich. Note that shoe string fries can be baked and taste just as good if not better!!! A big leftover disappointment is opening the box the next day and finding the bone missing. Regretfully, some servers have cut the meat off the bone before boxing…the server should always ask. Possibly they want to bring it home to their dog..but really, we hate when they do this.

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