1. Kerry Phillips says

    The poll results surprise me–I don’t believe I’ve ever had a sommelier try to “upsell” me. I have found their suggestions (based on price alone) to be rather modest–if not safe on their part. But then I often (maybe half the time) try to signal where my price points are–isn’t that just part of letting the sommelier know what kind of wine and experience you’re looking for?

  2. Richard G Hill says

    I did not know i had to print my spotlight deal cetificate, Nov 17 2010 DiNardo’s there for i never got to use it how may this problem be solved

  3. StephenH says

    Excellent question, with a two part answer. When I am ordering wine off the wine list, I like having a knowledgeable person to speak to. And I prefer someone who is not distracted with all the things a waiter has to do. So yes, I prefer a Sommelier.

    That being said, one of my biggest gripes in NYC dinning, is the markup on wines. It is now at the point that I prefer to bring my own wine and pay a corkage fee. Even if I am buying wine from a restaurant, if they do not allow me to bring my own wine I will not eat there.

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