Dining Out With Kids: What’s Your Opinion?

Mom helping daughter cut food.At OpenTable, we’re fans of all kinds restaurants. We love romantic restaurants as well as those that are good for groups. We love to find places where you can dine with your four-legged friends. And because we were all little foodies once upon a time, we’re glad there are terrific kid-friendly restaurants. But, not everyone thinks kids and restaurants go together.

While there are plenty of ways to make dining out with children a positive experience for all parties (including the people at the next table), some parents choose not to bring their kids to certain restaurants. Also, not every restaurant goes out of its way to accommodate children. Still, there are upscale restaurants in New York (though Eater NY would disagree) and London that embrace tiny diners, as well as many more all around the U.S..

Do you take your children to fine-dining restaurants? Do they enjoy it? Have someone else’s children ever marred your fine-dining experience? Weigh in here or tell us what you think on Facebook.


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    It really depends on how the parents have raised thier children. Our children 9 & 11 have always gone to dinner with us at any restaurant and have been just fine. They know the use of all utensils, napkin placement, no elbows on the table and to use ma’am and sir when addressing the waitstaff. It is a lesson that children need to learn early so that it will be second nature as they mature. Of course, you start these lesson from the begining and they are required to use thier manners wherever we dine, no matter if it is at a Pizza Hut or a Fine establishment. Parents should be parenting and teaching these lessons to thier children.

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