Dining Out on Valentine’s Day Is Twice as Nice in 2010, Survey Says

Dining-out-on-Valentines-Day-2010OpenTable diners are enjoying twice as many dining options for Valentine’s Day this year, thanks to February 14 falling on a Sunday. According to a recent online survey of nearly 1,000 diners, just as many people are choosing to eat out on Saturday, February 13, in honor of Valentine’s Day as are dining out on the actual holiday. This doubles your odds of dining out at the restaurant of your choice. And, if you factor in Friday night or doing brunch on Sunday at a hotspot…well, you can do math!

In terms of who’s dining with whom, the survey revealed that more than 63% of respondents will be dining out with a partner during this romantic weekend. In good news for foodies who aren’t picking up the tab, 85% expect to spend at least as much as they did in 2009. Multi-course menus, here we come!

We also learned that while Paris may be the city of lights and love, 33% of Valentine’s diners are seeking out Italian cuisine most of all this year — though French cuisine is a close second at 29%.

The factors that contributed to a really romantic dining experience included a private table (28%), exceptional service (16%), and a beautiful view (13%). Most respondents didn’t care about candlelight (5%) or soft music (2%), calling into question two longtime courtship clichés.

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  1. Ryan says

    Made a reservation via OpenTable. Arrived at the restaurant (Zinfandel Grill). They said “yes you have a reservation, but we are busy and it will be another 25 minutes.” So, what is the point of reservations if the restaurant will not honor the reservation? They did not offer us anything, like a free glass of wine (whine) or horderve. We sat at the bar, and eventually ate there. The hostesses never came looking for us to tell us our table was ready; yet they came and took other people to tables. We ate at least an hour after our scheduled reservation time. On the way out I asked “are you still waiting to seat us?” They replied “no, we saw you were eating.” The food was excellent. But their honoring of reservations is less than honorable. I’d think twice about making a reservation there based on this experience. And, OpenTable seems to have a strict policy about patrons missing reservations, yet OpenTable seems to have NO policy about the restaurant not honoring a reservation — guess we know who’s bread OpenTable is buttering. OpenTable in theory makes sense, but ultimately if the restaurant doesn’t honor the time they have promised you through OpenTable, then what’s the point of OpenTable?

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