Chef Wolfgang Puck on Dining Out with Kids

Photo: Amanda Marsalis
Photo: Amanda Marsalis

Chefs have access to the finest ingredients and use their inherent creativity to come up with the most delicious recipes to please diners at their popular restaurants. That same creativity has served them well as parents, as they face the challenges of dining out with their children and helping to raise adventurous eaters. This week, in honor of Mother’s Day, a series of famous chefs are sharing their exclusive tips for making eating out with children a pleasurable experience for everyone at the table.

Wolfgang Puck, the chef/owner of Spago Beverly Hills and CUT by Wolfgang Puck (among many others), is one of the first true celebrity chefs, famous for changing the landscape of California cuisine (and pizza!) and becoming a household name. With a dynamic personality and continued culinary brilliance, his success continues to multiply – as has his family.

Chef Puck believes communicating with restaurant staff can be essential to a successful dining experience with children. He says, “My two young boys, Oliver, 4-1/2 years old, and Alexander, 3, do not sit still for more than 45 minutes. So, whenever I take them to a restaurant, I take that into account and I will tell the waitstaff, the faster they can serve us the better. I won’t order a tasting menu for my wife and myself. If you go out to dinner with young children, you want to make sure that you don’t spend three hours at the table. Kids will make you feel uncomfortable and the other guests might get annoyed.”

He also recommends going to favorite and familiar restaurants. “When I go with my young children to a restaurant, I generally go to one where I am well known, and I’ll call them in advance to have something ready as soon as we sit down, like a pasta or a risotto or maybe some chicken skewers, so that way the kids won’t fill up on bread.” The kids will also be immediately engaged in their dining experience.

Along with the foodies everywhere, Wolfgang’s boys adore some of his most popular dishes. He says, “Both of my kids love pizza. Oliver is especially fond of our white truffle pizza, and Alexander loves risotto. As for me, lamb chops are their favorite, and for dessert, panna cotta.”


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