When Restaurants Take a Vacation

gone-fishingEverybody deserves a break once in a while — even restaurants (and all the hard-working folks who toil there!). I was poking around on OpenTable, pondering reservation choices for dinners over the next few weeks, and La Grenouille, a New York dining institution, didn’t show up for any of dates. I panicked for a few moments (Could they be — GASP! — closing?) until clicking over to their profile page and seeing a note, indicating they’re taking a brief break during the last days of high summer. A piece in the New York Post a few days later touched on this very topic, revealing that several of Manhattan’s most famous establishments go on hiatus for a few weeks around this time of year, including Cafe des Artistes, Adour Alain Ducasse at the St. Regis, Le Cirque, Cafe Boulud, and Chanterelle (the last two are also undergoing renovations).

If you don’t see availability for a particular restaurant, check the restaurant’s profile page for a note about a vacation or renovations before assuming the worst. And, try to find some new faves while your current ones are taking time away or, lucky them, all booked up!

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