What Words Should Restaurant Reviewers Avoid?

cliche1Epicurious editor James Oliver Cury calls out restaurant-review and food-writing clichés this week. Among his all-time un-faves are “decadent dessert” and “yummy.” The Village Voice has an even more lengthy list of food-related terms it wishes writers would terminate altogether. Concerning the latter list, I completely disagree on “crispy.” Hearing or reading that word makes my mouth water. Crispy duck? Yes, please! Crispy fries? Affirmative! Crispy bacon? Please, sir, I want some more! I could go on and on, but you get the general idea.

What bothers me more than well-worn words are the du jour phrases that seem to creep into the dining vernacular only to be replaced by something more precious and/or trendy the following year. Housemade, anyone?


  1. A J Manuse says

    Can’t stand THAT idiotic word………. “EATERY”…ugh!

    Wine Bar… all Fine!

  2. Joe says

    My 3-year-old daughter came up with a great word when we asked her about a particular meal…”flavory.”

  3. says

    I want to read words that are descriptive of how the food looks, tastes and feels in the mouth. Crisp and Crispy is fine with me, as is Wilted. If it is wilted lettuce fine. If they serve other wilted salads, I want to know.

    I agree with some of the Village Voice terms but not all. It is going to be impossible to please everyone. lol

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