Washington, D.C.: Our Food Capital, Too?

What’s the food capital of America? Is it New York? San Francisco? Chicago? Los Angeles? Perhaps it’s Washington, D.C. The District of Columbia is our permanent national capital and the epicenter of American politics, but this planned city has plans to become a dining destination. In fact, some would argue that it already is. The Atlantic Food Channel name checks several fine-dining restaurants that are just as a big a draw for tourists as the Capitol or the Washington Monument, including Rasika, Indique, Restaurant Eve, Corduroy, Vidalia, Dino, Commonwealth, BRABO, Blue Duck Tavern, Vermilion, and also notes the area’s thriving farmer’s markets and street-food scene.

This summer, if traditional tourism tires your feet, consider taking a gastronomical tour of this town. After all, you can do much of it sitting down.

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